Kim Jong-un promising to produce players even better than Messi


North Korea is aiming to replicate the success it achieved during World Cup 1966 by producing players more talented than Lionel Messi.

Just over 50 years ago, the relative footballing minnows shocked all in the game by making it through to the quarter-finals of the tournament, only to then lose to Italy.

But despite achieving little of note since, the Asian nation is implementing a strategy it hopes will see the production of global stars akin to the Barcelona forward.

Overseen by leader Kim Jong-un, football has been made a strategic priority in North Korea, with huge funds ploughed into new facilities to help talent production.

“We train our youngsters to become more talented players than even Lionel Messi,” said Yu He, coach of the International School of Pyongyang Football.Currently 126th in the world , between Armenia and Ethiopia, the overall goal is to first dominate Asia and then the world, according to Shang Ri Myong.He told reporters: “For now, we are aiming to dominate Asia and in the near future, I hope we can dominate the world.”


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