Linda Ikeji In Trouble With FIRS Over Tax Evasion


Renowned blogger, Linda Ikeji may be in trouble with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Online reports have disclosed that officials of the service stormed her Banana Island mansion over alleged evasion of tax amounting to a whopping 75 million naira, a source at the service was reported to have said.

It was also reported that when Linda was asked about the purchase of 500 million naira house which she acquired in 2015, the celebrity blogger blatantly denied ownership of the luxurious edifice.

This has no doubt given more impetus to the critics of the blogger who has often without reservations, publicly flaunted her material acquisitions. Many have begun to accuse the acclaimed self made woman of financial impropriety with some calling her fake.
The jabs from her detractors notwithstanding, a friend of Linda Ikeji was quoted to have said:

Instead of attacking a career girl who worked her ass off to attain the greatest height in her chosen career, they should learn to appreciate her fortitude and grace. And if they can’t, let them go and bite a bullet.”
While we watch how this turns out, these are certainly not the best of times for the blogger.

Source thebriefng


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