Why I never introduce my male friends to my daughter – Waje


Nigerian female music star, Aituaje Iruobe, best known by her stage name, Waje has opened up on why she does not allow her male friends close to her daughter, and why she is not always seen with her at events.

The single mother of one said she will not be proud to let her 17-year-old daughter have a mindset of men trooping in and out of her life.

Waje disclosed to Genevieve magazine recently that she has been dating but her male friends never get introduced to her daughter.

She said, “Yes I’ve been dating and there’s definitely a difference.

“One, you can never come to my house and two, I’ll never introduce you to my daughter because you don’t want to bring up a child in an environment where she thinks that it is okay to have men come in and go out of your life.

“So it’s a rule. I don’t care how close you are to me; you can’t come to my house.

“After her father, since I started dating, my daughter has only seen one person and after that person she’s never met another person again.

“But I try and give her a father figure. So I create role models around her. I’ll have her go and spend time with my pastor’s family so she can have a family orientation,” the 35-year-old singer quipped.


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