Top inexpensive but still good camcorders of 2016-2017


It is difficult to choose a good video camera for a beginner since they are quite costly. However, learning how to shoot with a mediocre camera is hardly an option. We have picked the top budget but decent cameras specially for beginning cameramen. These cameras will certainly help them to master the art of shooting and get great results!

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Sony HDR-CX405
Average price: $280
This is a great camera for little money. Its main advantage is an optical image stabilizer (usually characteristic of more expensive gadgets). Using this camera you can do high quality shooting even in movement and in poor light conditions. The balance of white is quite decent and the autofocus works quickly and accurately.
The main advantages:
● compact size;
● high-quality, 30x zoom;
● good optical stabilizer;
● great sound;
● great balance of white;
● accurate autofocus;
● low price.
● complicated menu navigation;
● objects in the dark get lit too much.

Average price: $330
This camera is designed mainly for shooting outdoors, in good light.
In such circumstances, using a powerful zoom (32x optical can be increased to 57x, and the digital zoom is incredible 1140x) and an optical image stabilizer you can get a very decent picture. The maximum bit rate is 35 Mbit/s. There are some manual settings too. Video can be recorded simultaneously to the memory card and to the internal memory.
The main advantages:
● full HD;
● high-quality optical stabilization;
● powerful advanced zoom;
● user-friendly controls;
● Wi-fi;
● lightweight;
● compactness.
● poor quality low-light shooting.

Sony HDR-MV1
Average price: $320
This is a great camera if the sound is as important as the image.
Two panoramic separate microphones and high quality noise reduction allow you to shoot at concerts and press conferences with a large audience. Sony HDR-MV1 perfectly shoots with minimum light. It also features a widescreen mode for shooting in small spaces. There is no image stabilizer. The regular battery lasts for about an hour.
The main advantages:
● excellent sound recording;
● the availability of the widescreen mode;
● good quality shooting in low light;
● Wi-fi;
● the ability to connect the mixer for further sound processing.
● there is no zoom;
● not particularly powerful battery;
● unsightly design.


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