Woman dumps day-old baby inside canal in Ado-Ekiti


It was a rain of curses in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital yesterday where an anonymous mother dumped a day-old baby inside a canal located at Ijigbo-Atikankan junction.

The baby which still had his placenta intact was believed to have been dumped their shortly after delivery in the early hours of the day had died before daybreak.
As at 9.00 am when a huge crowd had massed at the scene to catch a glimpse of the dead baby, the body had become swollen.
Some residents took the pictures of the deceased baby through their mobile phones. The scene caused a traffic snarl in the area as commercial motorcyclists parked their bikes to have a look while passengers inside moving vehicles strained their neck to watch the drama.
They said only a heartless person who has no conscience could throw away a baby carried in the womb for nine months.
The incident drew tears from market women, shop owners and other bystanders. Some women who couldn’t stand the sight cursed the unknown mother endlessly for dumping the innocent boy inside the canal a precious gift many people are looking for.
One of the sympathizers who declined to mention her name alleged that the baby might have been dumped inside the canal by one of the girls engaged in prostitution as the area has a large presence of brothels.
“Why did the mother of this child do this wicked act? If she cannot take care of the baby, why can’t she take him to any of the orphanages around for those looking for children to adopt him.
“Nobody knows what this baby will become tomorrow. Even the woman that did this never knew the consequences of her action. In a situation where some women are crying to God to bless them with a child, here another gave birth to such a handsome baby boy and dumped him inside the river. What a sad situation.”


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