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10month Old Baby That Survived The Nyanya Bomb Blast

A 10-month-old baby simply identified as Goodness, who was rescued from the scene of the Monday bomb blast in Nyanya near Abuja, has been reunited with her mother in hospital. Goodness was separated from her mother, Gloria Adams, who was presumed dead in the explosion before she was taken from the Asokoro Hospital to the Wuse General Hospital where her mother is receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit, Goodness spent Tuesday morning sleeping.
Medical workers and her aunt, Maria Dominic, looked after the little baby who had only a slight swelling close to one of her eyes. Her mother suffered severe injuries and is one of the two left in the Wuse General Hospital’s ICU after one other victim died. Gloria, according to a hospital source, was carrying Goodness on her back when the blast occurred.

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