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Actress Joke Jigan calls out filmmaker over ‘unpaid debt’

Joke Jigan, the Nigerian actress, has called out Gbolahan Moses, CEO of Geebee Films, over “unpaid production fees.

In a recent Instagram post, the actress claimed the filmmaker is yet to pay her for a movie they co-produced.

The film star, who is popular in the Yoruba movie industry, said she is ready to fight for her “pay now that Africa Magic has shown the movie twice”.

Africa Magic is a collection of Pay TV entertainment channels that focus on African programmes, including Nigerian series and movies.

“Gbolahan Moses ‘Geebee Films’, Africa Magic is showing the movie me and you produced for the second time right now and you are telling me they have not paid you kobo abi?” she wrote.

“Walai I no go do social media with you o, olorun ngbor. You go beat me tire anyday anywhere I see you for this life! I no Dey find trouble o but when E come I no go run.”

But in a follow-up post, Joke said Gbolahan’s wife has intervened in the rift.

She assured her fans that the movie producer would do the needful now that his wife is involved.

“His wife is someone I actually hold in high esteem and when I saw her call I knew the fight was over. Gbolahan warn yourself o. No try me next time,” she added.

“Thank you Everybody! Him go do normal, e good to get correct wife sha! Una goodnight.”

The actress, however, did not reveal details about the movie in question.

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