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Anglican Women call for action on kidnapped Nigerian girls

Leaders of the International Anglican Women’s Network have called on women around the Anglican Communion to do what they can to help the 200+ girls kidnapped in Nigeria by terrorist group Boko Haram.
IAWN Steering Group convener Ann Skamp has written to members encouraging them not to forget the girls some of whom, the media is reporting, have been forced to marry by their captors. Three weeks ago now, over 200 girls were kidnapped from their school in the northern Nigerian city of Borno. As we continue to keep the girls, their families and communities in our prayers please consider what we can do to support them,” she said.

Mrs Skamp suggested that Anglican/Episcopalian women could sign an online petition at

She added: “Why not contact your local political representatives to ask that your government express our deepest concern for the girls to the government of Nigeria and in other international forums? Please request that your parish, diocese and province include prayers for the girls and their families at worship this Sunday 11 May, which also is celebrated as Mothers’ Day in many of our communities.”
To this end, Mrs Skamp offered a prayer written by Elizabeth Smith from the Diocese of Perth, Anglican Church of Australia.

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