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Bitcoin hits historic high: More than 66,000 dollars

On Wednesday, bitcoin hit a historically high price of over 66,000 dollars amidst a wave of enthusiasm and optimism that it could see greater integration from the banking establishment.

Bitcoin was priced at 66,109 dollars at 10:04 (ET) on Wednesday. The cryptocurrency has recovered after falling badly in the summer to less than half that price.

The previous record maximum price of bitcoin was 64,889 dollars, set in April. Despite the comeback, the same serious doubts remain about the viability and security of investing in bitcoin, with regulators advising speculators that they could lose everything.

The day before this new high, Tuesday, was the first day of trading for a new investment fund that speculates on the future of markets related to cryptoassets.

ProShares BitCoin Strategy ETF saw its shares rise 2.6 percent on the first day and then further increases on Wednesday. They are the first US ETF linked to bitcoin and it seems to be a vote of confidence in cryptocurrency for the time being.

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