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Bovi: How I was almost accused of theft in London hotel

Abovi Ugboma, the Nigerian comedian better known as Bovi, has narrated his recent experience at a hotel in London where he was almost accused of stealing. 

In a post via his Instagram stories on Wednesday, the entertainer said when he got to the hotel and attempted to check-in, he was asked to present the card he used in booking the room.

Bovi said he had explained to the officials that his wife, who is in Nigeria, helped him to book the hotel using her own card.

According to him, his explanation did not sit well with the officials interrogating him as they thought he was trying to steal.

The comedian said the matter became worse when his own card declined when they tried using it to further confirm his identity.

Bovi said amid the ensuing drama, he told the officials to search about him on Google to save himself from the unfolding situation.

“Simon Leviev done spoil everywhere o. Tryna check into a hotel in London and they insist I present the card that was used for the booking,” he wrote in a mixture of English and Pidgin.

“I tell them it was done for me by my wife and she’s in Naija. That made it worse. They think I’m stealing. Then to crown am my own card dey decline. For the first time in my life, I said the words ‘google me.”

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