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Bowen University Students On The Rampage

Students of Bowen University, Iwo, on Wednesday night went on the rampage while kicking against the university authorities’ plans to increase tuition fees. The students of the private university, owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention, destroyed school property, vehicles and their chaplain’s residence. Some of the students also complained of ‘unnecessary rules and regulations’ imposed on them by the school authorities.

While the protest that began Wednesday night continued Thursday. The students to razed down buildings, smashed cars and spread mayhem all over the university campus. The school security personnel fled while violent protest was going on but the police later stepped in and restored order.
A student who wants to remain anonymous revealed that “this issue has been going on for some time now. In fact, it started during the tenure of the last VC but it wasn’t as bad as this. This new VC made it worse. At times they’ll supply light for just a few hours especially in the morning. It’s just so annoying and painful.

“We pay over N400,000 as school fees yet we don’t enjoy all the basic amenities a private university should have. It’s not just fair. We made formal complaints but it’s been story upon story. Nothing has really been done.”

Another student said, “we didn’t know it was going to escalate to this level. It just shows the level of frustration that has set in. The boys left their hostels for the temporary site and burnt some stuffs down. That’s all I can say for now.”

Wale, who works in the school’s sachet water factory, said in phone conversation with P.M.NEWS that the students razed down buildings, smashed cars including the VC’s car and destroyed things all over the university campus.

“The school’s gate has been locked and people that work in the school were unable to enter the school and police has been deployed to come and stop the protest,” he said.

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