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BREAKING NEWS: Another Explosion Rocks Nyanya In Abuja

A bomb has exploded in Nyanya again, SaharaReporters can authoritatively confirm.
SaharaReporters spoke with several emergency responders heading to the scene. They said at this time that they are unaware of the cause of the explosion.
Casualty levels not yet confirmed, but a number of people have died, and security operatives have taken over the area.
Nerves are frayed due to recent events that have shocked and angered Nigerians in recent weeks. On April 14, a bomb went off at the Nyanya bus depot killing more than 70 people, and injuring over 120.
We will continue the provide additional updates as we receive them.
Updates : Security and emergency response agencies have been alerted to an explosion in Nyanya on the outskirt of Abuja City. The explosion is reported to have occurred close to the scene of the last incident at Nyanya bus station.
Security agencies have cautioned people living around the area to restrict their movement and allow security personnel access to the area.
The severity and degree of the explosion is yet to be confirmed.
National Emergency Management Agency and the Nigerian police are currently controlling traffic around the area.
Paramedic and ambulances have started moving victims and dead bodies to the General Hospitals around the area. via

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