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Construction: Lagos To Divert Traffic At Old Tollgate/Berger Axis

The Lagos State Government has said it will divert traffic at the Old Tollgate to Berger section of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway from Monday, January 30th till Friday, April 15th.

This is amid the ongoing rehabilitation of the busy interstate route by the Federal Ministry of Works.

A statement issued on Friday by the Lagos State Commissioner for Transport, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, said, according to the notification received, the construction will be carried out in short segments.

Oladeinde noted that the reason is to minimise inconveniences for motorists, while traffic on the Ibadan-bound carriageway will be narrowed to two lanes to allow for the reconstruction of half of the Ibadan bound carriageway.

He explained that the U-turn in front of the Lagos State Emergency Centre will be temporarily closed to traffic, adding that motorists on the expressway will be diverted to the next U-turn at the Old Toll Gate by the traffic control point.

“In the same vein, Traffic from CMD Road intending to connect 7UP and Motorways on the Lagos bound carriageway will make use of the Old Tollgate/Traffic Point U–turn as well,” he said.

“While emphasising that trucks and heavy-duty vehicles will be diverted to Ojota Interchange, the Commissioner informed [the public] that traffic on CMD Road inbound the Expressway will be diverted to the entry point beside the FMW weighbridge to access the Expressway on a contraflow as the exit route to the Expressway by Caleb International School will equally be temporarily closed, adding that CMD Road will be used as an alternative for the displaced Ibadan bound traffic.”

Oladeinde appealed to the citizenry to shun indiscriminate stopping, waiting and parking along CMD Road to complement the efforts of the Traffic Management Team that will be deployed to manage vehicular movement.

He also affirmed that signage with directions will be mounted along the road to guide motorists.

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