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Custody tussle: ‘Why are you obsessed with me?’ — Chikwendu asks Fani-Kayode in fresh rant

Precious Chikwendu, the estranged wife of Femi Fani-Kayode, says the former aviation minister is “obsessed” with her.

The former beauty queen’s comment had come amid the ongoing legal tussle between her and the ex-minister over the custody of their four children.

Fani-Kayode and Chikwendu’s marriage hit the rocks in 2020 over the former’s domestic violence claim and the latter’s counter-claim of infidelity.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Chikwendu alleged that Fani-Kayode has continued to harass her with security operatives.

The former beauty queen also claimed that although Fani-Kayode has no verifiable allegation against her, he has sustained his alleged attempts to “intimidate” her.

Chikwendu, however, said she remains unperturbed by the former minister’s actions, adding that she would not give up her quest to secure the custody of her children.

“I asked for my kids which is legitimately mine to ask for and since then all sorts of allegations have been generated using the law enforcement agency to get me locked up just so that you can score a point on social media,” she wrote.

I’ve tendered proof of all i alleged in my suits, you responded to none gave no proof, but continuously used same lawyer to write different false petitions on me.

“Whenever I make a post and you see me at peace, next day, You send the police to come harass or invite me. I’ve sued you and those you use in violating my fundamental human rights, yet you keep pushing them.

“Even at that you claimed im evading service whilst I was at the police to honor every invite, you’ve summoned me at the Karu magistrate for 6th November, we are to meet in court but you are so pained that you are pushing another baseless case again at the force CID.

“All of these to get me locked up again. What is your obsession with me? Move on sincerely, charge whatever case you have to court and lets get started but leave my liberty the hell alone.

I have no fear of you Mr short fuse. This is too much. Grab some shame.”

Chikwendu went on to express her disappointment with the country’s justice system.

“Again whom it may concern. I really don’t like issues with institutions, but I’m so ashamed our justice system is no longer respected and our government would watch it’s institutions be ordered around by someone who feels these institutions can be bought with a prize,” she added.

“Last Friday the court ordered I serve everyone again on the newspapers…mind you, everyone received service since June except the Fuse master who evaded service, so I had to go for substituted service.

“It was done on yesterday’s papers and still this morning, my security calls to tell me those same people are at my gate. This isn’t stopping any soon right?

“I’ve done petitions to government bodies involved with checking the activities of these enforcement agencies but still, this has continued.”

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