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Daddy Yankee, Julio Iglesias, Anuel and Don Omar among victims of million-dollar royalty scam

ose ‘Chenel’ Medina Teran and Webster Batista, founders of the company Mediamuv have been accused of being responsible for carrying out a millionaire scam that affected singers such as Julio Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Anuel and Prince Royce.

Both of the accused have been reported by Billboard magazine, which got wind of the scam and alerted those involved.
In fact, the scammed artists themselves were not even aware of the theft until the magazine came out with the exclusive.

“It was impossible for us to know that we were being robbed,” acknowledged the manager of the groups Samuray, Celso Pina and Los Chicos de Barrio.

These copyright thieves were in charge of producing false documentation in order to profit from the intellectual property of artists who were unaware of it and who were entitled to it, up to 50,000 rights had been stolen.

One of the fraudsters has already taken the blame

As the case has progressed and information against the culprits has been published, Webster Batista has already pleaded guilty to the crime of fraud and accepted the conviction.

However, the second defendant, Chenel, must face a trial for what he is accused of.

As Celebrity Net Worth, a website specialising in the finances and wealth of celebrities, points out, Julio Iglesias’ fortune amounts to 600 million dollars.

A large figure to which the singer could have added a substantial amount, which he has now lost because of what is considered one of the biggest copyright scams in history on YouTube.

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