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Dencia Defends Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling after NBA Life Ban

LOL…. Believe it or don’t , Dencia always seems to have a different opinion on every issue. Here is an interesting take on NBA’s ban on Donald Sterling after he was caught on tape making racist statements.

Preety long but worth the read. He got banned from the NBA for life �������� and y’all fell for it smh,he still owns the team and can run it from the comfort of his bed,this man can walk into a game and no1 will recognize him.someone in the nba had to look good and Adam silver had to pls u think they didn’t discussed that and agree to it?the man could fight it but the deal it came with is probably sweeter than fighting’s so easy to shut people up,case closed they didn’t wanna drag it now they gonna drag that side piece (like porsha did Kenya) people keep complaining about hoes winning but they are glorify one!!

This man might be racist but he worked hard to get where he is for some woman to come try & bring him down it don’t work like that not with powerful people’s like u go on trial and see it’s gonna get bad and the D.A offers u a deal u just take it..people say racist people love power and guess what he still has power,he owns the team and still has power that 90% of us don’t have.This man was just mad his side piece was hanging with younger and fresher men,he was insecured and said shit plus what happened to the tapes she recorded for months I bet he didn’t say mean things through out!


Acting like we know what went down and judging this man from that is wrong cuz I can assure u AA women say the most messed up things about white women who date black men that’s more racist than what sterling says (pls read the blog comments) Kim kardashian loves black men it’s a problem Adam sterling doesn’t it’s a problem what should people do? Be themselves right?sleeping with the devil makes u the devil that side piece is as guilty of racism as the man himself and she’s and extortionists and a blackmailer.she better start dating her pool guy Pablo cuz no hundrednaire will say hi to her,not in America.if she was my friend I wouldn’t even trust her with a good morning..Sterling will be fine,I will be fine and you will be fine but she will not be fine.”
Some fans argued and yet she continues. What do you think guys?



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