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Don’t shortchange our ‘victory’, Enugu LP tells INEC

The Labour Party has urged the Independent National Electoral Commission not to abort the wishes of the Enugu State people by shortchanging its victory during Saturday’s governorship election.

The LP National Chairman, Bar. Julius Abure, in a statement on Wednesday, said the party had at its disposal information that the ongoing review of the Enugu governorship election results by INEC was being tailored towards short-changing the party to allegedly favor the Peoples Democratic Party.

The party chairman urged the electoral umpire to cancel elections in places where there was overvoting in line with the Electoral Act, and declare LP the winner of the poll in Enugu

The statement read, “The margin of lead by the LP’s candidate which is about 15000 was bigger than the number of the people that were accredited to vote in Nkanu East. So, even if you add the whole 7,453 accredited votes to the PDP, LP’s total votes will still be higher.

We are therefore worried that INEC is even contemplating short-changing the Labour Party. With the information at our disposal, we are calling on INEC to do the right thing. Labour Party has won virtually all the elections in Enugu state including seven out of eight House of Representatives and two senate seats out of the three senatorial positions.

It will interest you to know that the LP senatorial candidate was assassinated three days before the election, a replacement was effected and the LP won convincingly. This election in dispute was conducted the same day as the senatorial election which we won. It is therefore no doubt that Enugu state is an LP state. If they are smart, they would have known that on the same day, the state House of Assembly election took place and it is still the same number of people who were accredited for the exercise.

“We are therefore calling on INEC, having meted out injustices to Labour Party in the presidential election and across other states including Lagos, Edo, Rivers, and Imo amongst others, it will be infra-dig if Enugu governorship is by any means ceded to any other party aside LP which won the election convincingly.

“This will amount to the open rape of democracy. It will be another height of injustice. INEC owes itself a duty to protect its integrity which is already challenged and ensure that the real meaning of democracy is guarded and respected in Nigeria.”

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