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DOWNLOAD: Burna Boy, Byron Messia combine for ‘Talibans II’

Burna Boy, the Afrofusion star, has teamed up with Byron Messia for ‘Talibans II’ — a new version of the Jamaican singer’s breakout hit.

In the new track, Messia and Burna Boy deliver their lyrics in mixed languages and accents.

They also accompanied the song with a colourful video directed by filmmakers Ty Lott and Neatz Films.

“Link with the killy ‘dem/ Saint Kitts to Trinidad/ Big up the whole ah ‘dem/ ’cause wọn kéré nínú ayé/ Anythin’ I do/ Headline news even wetin I no do/ Them go say, “I do”/ Nothin’ but the truth when I step up in the booth/ No lie, my life no be smarting/ Remember last Christmas,” Burna Boy sings in a mixture of Yoruba and English.

“And everywhere me carry it ’cause me know the enemy them a pree/ And me know them nah sorry for me/ People/ a bawl and a scream ’cause we bad and we mean/ Bloody crime scene, calamity/ A so we shoot out brain fi go Canada, G/ Make your marrow experience no gravity,” Messia adds.

Born Dylan Byron in Jamaica, Messia embraces the famous Caribbean music genre after moving to Saint Kitts and Nevis as a child.

In January, he released the original version of ‘Talibans’ — produced under Ztekk Records and Ej Fya.

He also has a multi-album deal with Interscope Records, the US-based label.

He has released other songs including ‘Vent’, ‘Smallest circle’, and ‘MOCA’.

Watch the video below:


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