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Eniola is a thief trying to manipulate Nigerians, says Brain Jotter

Brain Jotter, the skit maker, has described Eniola, the physically challenged hawker, as a thief trying to manipulate Nigerians emotionally.

Eniola started to gain attention after the content creator gifted him the sum of N400,000 to start up his makeup business.

This was after Jotter spotted Eniola hawking bottled water on the street of Lagos state.

In a recent Instagram live, the comedian revealed that he helped Eniola not because of his gender, but because he is physically challenged.

The skit maker also said he, however, found out from a social media user that Eniola is a man.

Jotter disclosed that he was “emotionally blackmailed by the street hawker, calling him a thief.

He added that his anger towards Eniola is his strategy to take advantage of the good nature and gullibility of Nigerians.

Just a month ago, they gave him over N400,000 and rented an apartment for him, just a month ago, what I now understand is that he didn’t come outside to hawk; it is emotional blackmail, he came outside to blackmail everybody based on his predicament, he said.

So thing is that he knows we are gullible, he knows people have good hearts, once they see my hand like this they will help me, so it is a strategy.

The point no be sey she be boy, the anger be sey she be thief.


Eniola recently revealed that he dresses like a woman because he needs help.

He also claimed he has been receiving death threats on Instagram.

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