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Fans’ amnesia hurts CR7

I can’t understand why Cristiano was booed”, said Ancelotti following the match against Rayo. As incredible as it seems, Real’s top scorer in the domestic league (28), Champions League (13), and ‘Copa’ (3), was booed by the Bernabéu crowd on Saturday. CR7 did not escape the feeling of tension that prevailed on the terraces as a consequence of two consecutive losses to Barcelona and Sevilla, which wrested the Liga title from Real’s grip when it was within touching distance.
The supporters expressed their displeasure towards Ancelotti, Diego López, Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo. The Portuguese player came under fire when he complicated a combination where the easiest option would have been to pass to Morata. The crowd was unimpressed and booed him – a response which took him by surprise. This is not the first time he has received such treatment, but he had thought that was all in the past now. Cristiano has been the sweetheart of the Real Madrid faithful for the last two years, enjoying a long-standing love affair with the Bernabéu crowd, which unconditionally supported him in the contest for the Ballon d’Or.
The jeering has hit him hard, both because it was unexpected and undeserved. The Portuguese star was clearly unhappy in the dressing room later. Everyone noticed. He could not get his head around what had happened and was angry. The club share the player’s disappointment. They see this slap in the face for Ronaldo as biting the hand that feeds you, given that he is the teams’ top goalscorer for the fifth season running and has scored in the last eight consecutive games. All of that, however, seemed to be forgotten.

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