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Galaxy S5 User Manual Now Available To Download

Even though many of us are willing to put down hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone, seldom do we take the time to read the manual. But if you’re planning on picking up the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it finally releases late next week, then it mightn’t be a bad idea to check out the user guide, which has just been leaked out into the wild.
As well as featuring a tweak or two in terms of design with some indented dots on the rear shell, the Galaxy S5 also arrives in a gleaming gold color configuration. Moreover, there’s the small matter of a fingerprint sensor, 4K video capture, and a heart-rate monitor to accompany the wealth of health-related apps that Samsung has thrown in for good measure.

But whilst all of these perks are great and all, the only way to get the most out of them is to take the time to discover how they work, and while we all think we know of every feature that our smartphone has to offer, we often stumble across neat little tricks that might have saved us a lot of accumulated time had we simply consulted the literature shipped in the box.
Next week on Friday, April 11th, the device finally goes on general sale, with several US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint), as well as Vodafone and Three in the UK, already having begun taking pre-orders. For those looking to grab the gold edition on British soil, Vodafone will have exclusivity over this particular model, although if you don’t wish to tether yourself to this particular network provider, you could always go the handset-only route.
Having seen so many showy-offy videos and general insight into the hardware features, the user guide will allow you to glean a better insight into the workings of Samsung’s latest and greatest, and whether you want to prep yourself for your next purchase or are simply curious, you can view the manual in PDF format below.

Samsung Galaxy s5 Manual (SM-G900F)

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