Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Group asks FG to reverse the hike in petrol price, electricity tariff

Members of the Coalition of Northern Groups have asked the Federal Government to reverse the hike in the pump price of petrol and electricity tariff or risk endless nationwide protest. The group made the demand in a statement by it’s Coordinator Abduazeez Suleiman.

The Group said unfolding events around the nation’s economy, security and general cost of survival in the past few days have sparked serious concerns over the direction the country was heading.
The northern group accused President Muhammadu Buhari of being insensitive to the plight of Nigerians, stressing that the nation could no longer accept such situation.

“The recent announcement by the Federal Government to hike the prices of such essentials as petroleum products and electricity has ignited widespread discontent and anger across every segment of the Nigerian society.

The failure of public policies on the key pillars required for building a strong national economy, security, unity and survival, which have resulted in enormous hardship to vast segments of the Nigerian population.

Suleiman said members of the CNG in all states have been put on alert to mobilise Nigerians for prolonged protests and resistance against harsh economic policies should the government fail to withdraw the hike in fuel price and electricity tariff.

He said: “We call on the Federal Government to announce an immediate and unconditional reversal of the price of fuel to the earlier N145 per litre and electricity tariff to the initial N23 with the assurance of regularity in quality and quantity of supply,.

They also urged the Government to take full control of commodity pricing, jettison all aspects of unwarranted taxation, halt the current multi-sectoral extortions by multinational service providers, banks and other financial institutions.

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