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Harry and Meghan: A funeral packed with awkward protocol and backhanded digs

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been singled out on several occasions since the death of queen Elizabeth II. The relationship between the duke and duchess of Sussex and the rest of the royal family was tense, with a controversy resurfacing following the monarch’s death on September 8.

The royal family has allegedly provoked several situations that have resulted in discomfort for the two. Some instances, such as the call from Charles III that are discussed below are clear. Others, more subtle, are hidden in the always complex web of protocols for this type of situation.

In the second row at Elizabeth II’s funeral

The funeral of Elizabeth II was not a spectacle in which to fight over front rows of seats. Nevertheless, it is significant to see who was seated in the most advanced positions.

And, as you might have guessed, they did not include Harry and Markle. While the rest of the senior royal family (Charles and Camilla, among others) were in the front row, they were in the second row.

Meghan is not welcome

We do not know the exact words, but the British media reported that Charles had called his son Harry to make it clear that they would not be entirely comfortable if Meghan came to Balmoral Castle.

In any case, these statements were not public, unlike those made by the new king in his first speech on September 9, in which he literally expressed his “love for Harry and Meghan“.

Harry’s military uniform

Harry made it clear that he did not want to enjoy the privileges of the crown, and this clearly showed during the protocol for the funeral.

While the rest of his family members wore military uniforms to the funeral procession on September 14, he did not and had to accompany the coffin in a suit. Over the weekend, Harry was finally able to wear a uniform, but without Elizabeth‘s initials.

Excluded from royal receptions

Harry and Meghan were not invited to a meal hosted by Charles at Balmoral just after Elizabeth‘s death. Nor were they invited to Sunday dinner, hosted by the King, as only the serving royal family were allowed to attend.

In this case, it was worse than the first instance, as the duke and duchess of Sussex had the invitation, only for it to be withdrawn at the last minute.

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