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I didn’t say most things attributed to me – Mummy GO

The Head Pastor of Rapture Evangelical church of God Lagos, Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo aka Mummy GO, has denied most of the claims attributed to her in viral memes.

She alleged most of the videos showing her were manipulated and instigated by adversaries.

Mummy GO, in an interview with BBC Pidgin at the weekend, said: “I didn’t say all those things going viral on the internet because most of those videos were edited.

“Even if Lucifer the Devil is made a pastor, he would not preach those things not to talk on someone who calls herself a holiness preacher. So, I did not say any of those things but the perpetrators behind these are well aware of what they have done”.

She alleged her adversaries, eight years ago, began spreading false news about her in magazines, which backfired before they resorted to threats.

According to her: “Most of the things they said I had said, I did not say them but those behind these news know what they are doing. They had begun for over eight years by using magazines and when they found out it did not come into fruition, they started chasing after me with guns.”

On her claims that comedians, as well as people using attachments and hair extensions and technologies, were going to hell, Mummy GO said the manner in which people use the items will determine their eternal fate.

She stressed: “It depends on how you use technology; we are making this interview via technology. Even the bible says “it is good for a clergy (bishop) to have only one wife (1 Tim 3 vs 2) but Abraham in the same Bible had more than one wife. So it all depends on the way you use it and that might determine if you will go to hell or heaven”.

She reinforced her assertion that women with trousers will perish in Hell Fire.

Quoting Deuteronomy 22:5: she said: “Go to other religions, even the Muslims, there is something called modesty. I have travelled to many Muslim countries and you will never find any of the women exposing their bodies.

“This is not the first time I’m saying this even their air hostesses are well dressed. All of my preaching that has become a crime today was valid 50 years ago.

“No woman dared enter the church without covering her hair, the elderly amongst us can attest to that. Has the God who asked the women to cover their heads 50 years ago travelled? Has He changed?

“A Muslim woman would dare not enter the mosque without covering her hair. How come the God who was against this year ago is suddenly lenient with this issue now? Just because I preached an old message, I’ve been labeled a criminal”.

On allegation that she said footballers would go to hell, she claimed people just wanted to set her up against football lovers.

She clarified she actually meant that the event that will bring the anti- Christ will come through the World Cup.

According to her: “They just want to arouse everyone who loves soccer against me. I said that because of the upcoming event that will introduce the anti-Christ to the whole world, it will come through the world cup. That’s all”.

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