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I regret robbing women of their baby-making years, says Jidenna

Jidenna Mobisson, the Nigerian-American singer, has opened up about his past relationship mistakes.

In the first episode of the What’s Underneath podcast, the singer expressed regret for robbing women of their baby-making years”.

He said he is ashamed of the manipulative things he said to women in the past, adding that it makes him angry to see other men doing the same to their partners.

Jidenna also said he is now committed to putting as much effort into love as he has put into his career.

I robbed some women of their baby-making years, driving them along. They built me up, look at me now and look at them,” he said.

You know, I remember I said really manipulative things like no one is going to love you like the way I do. My God! I am ashamed of it and that is what makes me angry when I see my brothers do that.

We cannot do that to the women who have done so much for us to even exist. And for the first time but by bit, I stripped myself of my former self and I swore that in the next relationship that I would get in, I would work as hard at love as I have worked in my career.

Jidenna gained prominence after the release of two singles, ‘Classic Man’ and ‘Yoga’, in 2015.

He has since received awards and accolades for his talent.

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