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Indian actress Chethana Raj dies after fat removal surgery

Chethana Raj, the Indian actress, has passed away after undergoing fat removal surgery.

According to India’s Tribune, the 21-year-old TV was admitted into a private plastic surgery hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on Monday.

Chethana’s visit to the health facility was to undergo a “fat free” surgery to maintain her “skinny” appearance.

The procedure was, however, said to have developed complications as fluid began to accumulate in her lungs.

This resulted in her being unable to breathe well and eventually led to a cardiac arrest that claimed her life.

It was gathered that Chethana did not inform her parents before going through the procedure and that the consent form was filled out by her friend.

Govinda Raj, her dad, said he only found out after the surgery had started. He also claimed there were no proper facilities in the ICU.

“My daughter died due to the negligence of the hospital. The doctors have conducted surgery without parental consent and without proper equipment,’ Govinda was quoted to have said.

“My daughter was hale and hearty. She was absolutely fine. She had gone to hospital with her friends. Someone has suggested to her that she had more fat in the waist and without consulting any family member she had come for the surgery.

“I will initiate legal action against hospital authorities.”

Chethana had starred in a plethora of popular Indian TV series including ‘Geetha,’ ‘Doresaani’ and ‘Olavina Nildana,’ as well as in Kannada film ‘Havayaami’.

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