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Kanayo speaks against ‘sex trade, homosexuality’ in Nollywood

Kanayo O Kanayo, the ace actor, says some persons joined Nollywood to “sell sex.

In an interview with Afia TV, the film further cautioned that the movie industry should not be a platform for people who “engage in sex trade and homosexuality”.

Kanayo also called out Instagram celebrities, claiming they are “negative contributors to Nollywood”.

“Nollywood should not be a ground for BBL; bum bum enlargement. Nollywood should not be a ground for people doing runs. Nollywood should not be a ground where people’s dollars are stolen in hotels. All these Nollywood girls, it is not a ground for gay or lesbianism,” he said.

“It is a ground for creativity. Nollywood is not a ground for learning how to act. Many people come to Nollywood to learn how to act. You are supposed to come to the industry to better and hone your talent.

“These days, you know what happens? If you are a girl, whether you are fine or not. And if you have a jeep, they will ask you to become an actress because they want to use your car nonstop in that movie and another movie.

“People are bragging about the industry because some want to sell sex, some want to sell their body, some want to do this and so on and it is not healthy for the industry but everyone is welcome,” he said.

“But Instagram stars are the ones who are giving the industry a bad name. And I do not want anybody to join them because they have little time and they will fade out.”

Born Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, Kanayo is known for his controversial commentaries about the entertainment industry.

In April last year, the actor claimed some desperate Instagram celebrities were destroying Nollywood’s image.

Ironically, Kanayo, in January 2022, urged people not to believe sex-for-role rumours in Nollywood.

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