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Kim Kardashian hits Kylie Jenner in the stomach with a golf club

Kim Kardashian has made headlines yet again, this time for accidentally hitting her sister Kylie Jenner in the stomach with a golf club.

The incident occurred during a video posted on Kim’s TikTok account, where the sisters were practicing their putting skills.

In the video, Kylie can be seen walking by just as Kim takes a swing with her club, unintentionally hitting her sister in the gut. However, Kylie seemed to be okay and walked away unscathed.

Despite the mishap, both sisters appeared to be having a great time on the indoor green, dancing and fooling around with their clubs. Kim looked stunning in a monochrome catsuit and gray kitten-heel booties, showing off her tiny waist.

Sisters’ show off putting skills, featuring a special appearance by SZA for Skims

Earlier in the clip, the sisters held hands and smiled at each other as they mouthed the lyrics to SZA’s song “Nobody Gets Me.” The Skims founder also announced SZA’s collaboration with her brand on the same day.

It seems like the sisters are making the most of their time together, despite the occasional accident on the green. Who knows, maybe Kylie will even pick up golf as her next hobby!

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