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Man denies Abuja estate invasion, says residents ruined engagement party

A man, who identified himself as Harry White, has denied invading the Mab Global Estate, Abuja, with suspected Internet fraudsters.

Residents on the estate had claimed that 40 suspected Yahoo boys invaded the estate, adding that they were dressed in white and their mission was unknown.

But White, in an interview with Newsmen on Tuesday, explained that he planned to hold a surprise all-night engagement party for his fiancée on the estate.

He said he told the owner of a service apartment in the community about the event as well as the number of people who would be attending.

White accused the leadership of the estate of ruining his plan.

He said, “I was to have an engagement for my wife-to-be at the said apartment. I told my agent to make reservations for me there, but I was surprised when my guests arrived and the estate management didn’t allow them in. It was painful that the plan I had to host my wife-to-be to a surprise engagement was destroyed by the leadership of the estate.

“I paid for the apartment and told them the time I would be holding the event and the time my guests were expected to arrive. When my guests arrived and told me they were at the gate, I went to meet them (security) to let them know I was hosting an event on the estate. In order not to disobey the estate management, I told my guests to go back, which they did. Then I saw stories of me and my guests everywhere. The story is false.”

When asked what time they got to the estate, he said, “The engagement was meant to be an all-night affair. I told the person we got the apartment from and he agreed to that. My guests were not violent as was said.

“They were with me while I was trying to call the management of the apartment which served as the venue of the event to clear us to get into the premises, but he didn’t take his calls and we left in peace. They were 80 in number. I told them to appear in white or a touch of white for the event.”

The Secretary of the estate, Kufure Charles, when contacted, queried the time of the event.

He said, “What did they come to do on the estate by 2.30 am? Inside a residential estate? Anyways, the matter is with the police and the Federal Capital Development Agency.”

The agent who gave out the apartment said he was in a meeting and promised to get back to our correspondent.

He had yet to do so as of the time of filing this report.

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