Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Microsoft’s Xbox One just announced some MAJOR game news thats bad news for Google

The Google console, dubbed Yeti, is said to be secretly in development at the firm’s American base and will include cloud-based online game streaming.That way you won’t have to wait hours to delve into the latest titles.Simply boot up the new machine, pick a blockbuster and stream your action over wi-fi from Google’s mammoth web servers.Experts believe it could revolutionise the video games industry.But the big name console makers aren’t going to lie down without a fight.And rival Xbox is beavering away behind the scenes to produce a rival service using all its video game expertise after years at the forefront.

That’s because Microsoft has recently launched a new Cloud Gaming Division, presumably with the future in mind.

It’s full remit remains unclear, but it is headed up by 20-year Microsoft veteran Kareem Choudhry, who has previously worked on Xbox hardware as well as business segments such as Outlook.He said: “Xbox boss Phil Spencer really wanted a dedicated team focused exclusively on the gaming cloud.”Those were conversations that started happening last summer, and we really started creating the structure of the organisation at the end of last year.”The firm has its Azure Cloud service, where app developers currently build, run and test their apps online. It’s believed to be integrated into the upcoming new games service.Some games already run on Azure, for example, Rainbow 6 Siege and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – but the latter also utilises Amazon servers too.

Choudry is bullish about the aims of the new division, he told The Verge: “We believe there is going to be 2 billion gamers in the world, and our goal is to reach every one of them.”

The Microsoft boss has also hinted Xbox’s burgeoning Games Pass service, where players pay £8-a-month in subscription fees to download and play any of 100 titles on a server, could grow in-game numbers and reach to become a major part of the Google rival.It’s hoped that as internet speeds quicken, there will soon no longer be a need for downloads of the games first at all and players will be able to stream titles straight from Xbox’s servers – just like the Google console plans to do.He said: “We’re really pleased with the success that’s happening [with Game Pass].

“We continue to believe in user choice, and we also believe there’s room in the industry for a gaming subscription and that’s what we’re going to build.

“What we’re doing with Game Pass and creating a subscription-based product, where over half the content is third-party content. I would say we’re getting started from a subscription product perspective.”

The team appears to be looking to a fully-streamed future: “We’re looking at ways to make that content available to anyone no matter what device they’re on.”

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