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My first stage experience was awkward and I had stage fright – Comedian , Bovi

Comedian Bovi , in an interview with tribune talked about his experience on the stage for first time . He said:
“That dates back to 2002 and sincerely, it was really awkward. I had stage fright and all and it was a really funny scene, but that didn’t discourage me from doing what I love and that is making people laugh.” He also spoke about ‘Extended Family’ and how the series brought him into limelight . Read it when you continue …

“The ‘Extended Family’ brought me to limelight. From the day it got screened on Silverbird, that was on April 1, 2007, by 8 p.m., the love was overwhelming. And by the next year, I hit the stage and Opa Williams gave me his platform to express myself. And fortunately for me, he even paid me for it, even though I was a green horn that he was showing to the world. Night of a Thousand Laughs unveiled me as a standup comic professionally because prior to that time, I had been on other amateur platforms.”

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