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Nigerian youths should know when to fight, stop fighting: Bishop Kukah

Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, says things will never remain the same in Nigerian polity with the engagement and involvement of Nigerian youths. However, he urged the youth to know when to fight and walk away from fighting.

Learn the rules of good sportsmanship, know rules, know your roles, know when to fight, what to fight for and know when to walk away so you can embrace other fights,” the Catholic bishop advised. “In all, most of you did well, but some of your colleagues lost their lives in the hands of members of your own groups. Keep the dreams, but know the contours of the long road ahead.”

Mr Kukah, in his 2023 Easter homily, sent words of encouragement to Nigerian youths while admitting that the 2023 general elections crashed the expectations of many Nigerians, raising questions on the credibility and legislation of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“To the Youth of Nigeria: I salute your energy and courage. You fought a good fight across party lines. Your engagement and involvement substantially changed the contours of our politics. Things will never be the same again,” the Catholic bishop said.

Mr Kukah stressed that the youth do not belong to any single party, “no matter the temptation,” charging them to “look at the mistakes of the past and avoid them” and warning that “your actions today will shape tomorrow.”

The cleric condemned the killings, voter suppression, ethnic tensions, and violence during the February 25 and March 18 elections.

“Oh God, our creator, we thank you for the gift of our dear country. We have not lived up to the vision that you have for us – a vision of justice, peace, unity, and prosperity for all our children. Yet, we thank you for your mercy upon us,” Mr Kukah prayed.


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