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Nollywood Actress Faces Backlash Over Nude Movie Role

As controversy trailing the semi-nude picture of Nollywood actress, Biola Ige and Muna Ibekwe, is yet to abate, colleagues and movie fans have been knocking the actors, especially Biola, for her indecency. The controversial picture, which surfaced online last week and has gone viral, shows Muna, a known Nollywood soft-porn star, sucking Biola’s breast and smooching the other one.

Immediately the picture hit the social media, P.M.NEWS reached out to the actress via her PR camp. And this prompted Biola to issue a press statement claiming the picture was taken from the set of a movie, Desperate Hawkers produced by Ruth Eze and was shot more than two years ago.
Her statement: “I was going to remain silent on the photo being displayed on the internet, however, I realised that I need to set the record straight for my family, friends and fans who I love and respect. The photo in question was taken from the set of a movie called Desperate Hawkers in which I played the role of a hawker who was in a romantic situation with a married man. This movie was shot and aired two years ago.

“The photo circulating on the internet right now is the photo taken from a scene in the movie and nothing more. If you watch the movie you will see that there is nothing to this movie other than the fact that I was playing a role. I am an actress, it is a profession that I love and will continue to enjoy. I am required to play all sorts of roles. In each role I step out of being Biola Ige and go straight into the character. Whoever maliciously leaked this photo has simply given me some great publicity. Thank you. I have been through a lot of difficult things this year with the loss of my mum and a brief illness. That a simple photo from a movie scene shot two years ago is the least of my worries. I’ll have no further comments regarding this act meant to hurt my character. I look forward to acting more movies and playing more roles to entertain you. Thank you all.”

Also in an interview with a Lagos-based weekly magazine, Biola reiterated her claims that Muna did not suck her breast but only pecked it and that she only allowed that to bring out her best as an actress. I want Nigerians to embrace change in the movie industry. They are the ones saying our movies are worthless and when you see an artiste trying to come out with a new thing, encourage her. I was trying to bring out a character that does not exist…I can do any character with the help of my director. It is called acting…When one gets to a certain stage, you won’t be able to do anything. But now I am still young and why not invest this talent fruitfully? This is a chance for the industry to go forward, but Nigerians don’t want change and this is change, time to know who is real and who is not,” Biola said in the interview.

But many have faulted Biola’s defence, calling the nude role irresponsible and making up tales to defend herself.
A popular Nollywood actress who pleaded anonymity challenged Biola to point out the particular scene where the picture was taken from.
Another source who claimed to have seen the movie said there was no scene in the flick where Biola had the black head tie worn in this picture.
According to him, the controversial picture might have been taken outside the set of Desperate Hawkers because in the movie, Biola wore a different attire while Muna actually rubbed his face on her breast in the flick.

Unconfirmed reports have it that Biola has accused Ruth Eze, the producer of the movie, as the source of the leaked picture. But to clear her name, Ruth has sent out a short statement: “My attention has been drawn to attempts by Biola Ige to drag me into the semi nude picture that has been on the internet for the last one week. I, Ruth Eze, will never be involved in such acts and I advise Biola Ige not to drag my name into this mess.” P.M.NEWS once again spoke to the actress on Wednesday to clear the air on various issues surrounding the controversial picture. She demanded that questionnaires should be sent to her which our correspondent did. And as at press time she had not responded.

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