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Poco Lee stole the dollars Wizkid gave me on stage’ — Zazoo Zehh crooner Portable alleges [VIDEO]

Ayo Balogun, aka Wizkid, was on Sunday seen “spraying” dollar bills on dancer Portable.

The incident happened during a concert Wizkid, also known as Big Wiz, headlined in Lagos.

As Portable, who is Olamide’s real gee, danced, Wizkid sprayed what some now say were 100-dollar bills on the Zazoo Zehh dancer. Influencer and hypeman Poco Lee could be seen in the background picking the cash…you know, so that breeze won’t blow them away.

Poco Lee picked up to $3,000 but gave Portable only $600, the dancer alleged this morning.

A video of the allegation has gone viral with many slamming Poco Lee for “eating from another man’s sweat”.

Poco Lee, you no show love o. Na rip you want to rip me off,” Portable blasted in a video on TikTok.

I was dancing and he (Poco Lee) was dancing. Wizkid was spraying me money. It was 100-dollar bills and up to $3,000. Poco Lee turned around and started picking the money while I continued singing and dancing,” Portable alleged in Yoruba.

He also threatened to use his power as a “street boy” to deal with Poco Lee if his money wasn’t paid in full.

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