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Rituals: At last, singer Mayorkun responds to female influencer’s allegations

Afrobeats singer, Mayorkun, has finally addressed claims made by social media influencer, Nicki Dabarbie, who alleged that he and his colleague, Abbey Elias aka Skiibii attempted to use her for ritual.

Mayorkun denied the allegations in a series of posts on on Wednesday, stating that he had never met Nicki Dabarbie and was unaware of her existence until the allegations surfaced.

On Friday, April 19, 2024, Dabarbie accused Mayorkun and Skibii of allegedly plotting to use her for a money ritual.

Mayorkun, who expressed frustration with the spread of negative news online, wrote, “You know, I was going to let this remain as a court case but when I checked the comments under some of the blogs where these ridiculous allegations were posted, I was quickly reminded of how gullible most people are on the internet and how they are ready to run along, spreading any negative news without any form of clarity.

Just for the record, I never met that person on the said day, still never seen that person till this day, and never knew about that person’s existence not until those allegations came up.. yet she claimed I put ‘something’ in her drink.

A lot of people believed that story, and you think I’ll let this libellous claim fly? No!

Mayorkun said he took a break from responding to the allegations to avoid acting emotionally but felt compelled to address the issue publicly due to the impact on his reputation and career.

He added that he is frustrated with people hastily jumping on false allegations against him for clout and relevance, without considering the harm to his life and career, and potentially their own in the future.

He added, I wanna re-instate, I have never seen this person before even as I am typing this! I still haven’t set my eyes on this person… Like what else can I say? How else can I prove this?

There’s no need for me to ask for an apology where I won’t get any. I just needed to say this publicly and get it off my chest.. cos if it was a case of ‘cancellation’ as many people are quick to do, I for don go back to dey find work for bank.

He reiterated that he has never met Nicki Dabarbie and will pursue full charges, despite her current remand in prison on unrelated charges.

Mayorkun had earlier threatened to slam Nicki Dabarbie with N1bn lawsuit.

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