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Ryan Reynolds’ diet to be Deadpool: It’s a bit boring

Actor Ryan Reynolds is preparing thoroughly to bring to life, once again, the protagonist of ‘Deadpool’.

The physical trainer of the ReynoldsDon Saladino, has revealed in an interview to Insider magazine some of the details of his daily routine, focusing especially on his diet.

Saladino has explained that Reynolds‘ diet is very strict. In fact, he has defined it as “boring and incredibly simple”.

In this sense, there are no what the trainer himself defines as cheat meals. That is to say, meals in which he is allowed to eat whatever he wants: Reynolds has to follow a plan measured to the millimeter.

In any case, it is not a restrictive diet in which the actor goes hungry. What’s more, Saladino assures that Reynolds is “one of the busiest people” he has ever met in his life and needs fuel in his body so that his intense daily activity does not suffer on a daily basis.

“He can’t go no-carb and expect to be a dad and work on his businesses and then shoot for 14 hours a day,” Saladino said. “It doesn’t happen. He’s one of the busiest human beings I’ve ever met.”

Ryan Reynolds’ workout routine

The actor who stars in Deadpool 3 tries to boost several physical areas. One of the main objectives of the training is to strengthen endurance, precisely to withstand the dynamism in the actor’s personal and work life.

The sessions begin with an active warm-up and a review of exercises that require a more polished technique. In addition, Don Saladino bases his routine on pulling and pushing exercises and prefers that the effort be done intensely and in short intervals of time.

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