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Shut up and stop hitting on ‘light skinned people’ Stephanie Henshaw’s daughter writes Lupita Nyong a memo

Hello gidi pointers, meet Jessica Henshaw – daughter of Pastor Chris Okotie’s estranged wife, Stephanie Henshaw. Few weeks back, Lupita Nyong the world’s most beautiful woman according to People magazine, made a very beautiful speech where she condemned bleaching creams and insisted that black is beautiful. These raises eyebrows of bleaching peeps.

Unfortunately, light skinned Jessica is not pleased and this is what she has to say: A lot of women just have very low self-esteem. It’s not about being light or dark skinned even a man who

likes light skinned girls wouldn’t date a zombie looking light skinned girl just because she is light skinned which mean we all recognize real beauty no matter the shade it comes in.

If you choose to be dark skinned please be dark skinned and happy with it and stop criticizing people for lightening their skin to make you feel better.
If you are dark skinned and you don’t feel beautiful that’s your problem. All I’m saying is life is too short not to be comfortable in your own skin. Tone your skin, in fact bleach it if you want the consequences are on you. If you choose to be dark skinned that’s also on you.

In my opinion a lot of women who vent at light skinned people only do it because they are insecure if not they would just mind their business and focus on other world threatening issues.

How many Nigerians die from skin cancer anyway with all the noise people make about it? I like lupita and I think she’s gorgeous but I think she should just shut up with the skin color issue and stop acting so crude. It’s a civilized era black people should make better speeches without talking about race and akin tone. A lot of dark skinned women have broken grounds right from time.”

Do you believe jessica is right?? On the second thought,who is jessica anyways? *smh*


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