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Students lose properties as flood ravages Anambra institute

Student hostels, lecture halls and electronic learning devices have been submerged by water as a result of flood water which wreaked havoc on Metallurgical Training Institute (MTI) Onitsha, Anambra.

According to NAN, Owo Ugochukwu, the PRO of the school, spoke of the development on Thursday in Onitsha.

He said the flood was a “result of the ongoing construction works on the Nkpor-Nnobi road by the state government”.

The PRO also accused the state government of channelling water flowing from Obosi, Nkpor, Onitsha-Owerri Road, and its environs down to the school without providing adequate measures for enough drainage.

“The flood issue has lingered for some years now, but the school authorities are doing their best to control it,” he said.

“Before now, we had a small drainage system carrying little water and we made a case to the state government and other relevant agencies.

“The state government came and excavated the existing drainage in the name of expansion, but the work has been abandoned and there are no alternative measures put in place.

“As we speak now, the flood has covered the buildings in the school and the facilities are sinking. The student hostels, school mosques, church and lecture halls are also underwater.

“The student beds, mattresses, learning equipment and pots of soups are swimming in the waters all over the place.”

Chigozie Onyenyili, president of the students union government at the institution, said the students were awake all through the night as a result of the flooding.

Onyenyili said their hostels have been flooded and property destroyed as the water level covered their beds, tables, and wardrobes.

The student leader said the students would stage a peaceful demonstration to seek government attention on the situation.

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