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The Isale Eko Descendant Union and the Movie: Gangs of Lagos -By Bayo Akinlade, Esq

How many people know about the Isale Eko Descendant Union (IDU)?

For us Lagosians it is just one of the few Associations set up for the welfare of Lagosians. I can’t say for sure how many Lagosians the body has actually supported but I guess they have achieved much.

IDU is however in the public domain lately because some powerful Lagosians felt defamed (for a lack of a better word) by the negative depiction of the famed Eyo Masquerade in the movie, Gangs of Lagos

These Lagosians are so upset that they are demanding that the Lagos State Film & Censors Board fine the movie makers Billions of Naira. Makes me wonder, why would IDU think it was the custodian or the representative of the Eyo Masquerade symbol to think it had the positioning of suing on its behalf?

As a Lagosian, I am somewhat embarrassed by this suit .

Firstly I do not see anything the claimants here seeks to protect since I can’t even see anything tangible they have done for Lagosians in general like rescue us from Agberos, economic and political disenfranchisement and many more vices that plague the city of Lagos

Imagine the Catholic Church suing every film producer that ever made a film depicting the Catholic church in a bad light or nations like Germany, Iran, China etc suing because they are usually the bad guys in war movies or Muslims suing because they are usually seen as terrorists ….

I would have thought that IDU would instead collaborate with the film producers and script writers to develop future storylines that will promote the objects of IDU giving it some global reach but instead IDU is going to attempt by this suit to bankrupt the producers of the movie.

Let me just add that after the whole Lagos drama during the last elections, the last thing you want to hear is that IDU is going after Film producers who are their own people (of Yoruba extraction)….Again, I fail to see the injury this film has caused the IDU as an association but who am I to speak especially when some of my in-laws and family members are trustees of IDU.

Those who have attended the festivals in Lagos Island would also know that the Eyo festival is not exactly a violent free festival. Those wearing the Eyo costumes wield large sticks while others hold long canes with which they use to wip each other.

It is however interesting to see what the LSF&SB will do and how the filmmakers will react


Bayo Akinlade Esq is a member of the Bashua Chieftaincy family of Lagos State. His opinion is not in anyway in opposition to any other opinion from the Bashua family nor does it represent the opinion or thinking of the family to which he belongs

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