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Toyin Lawani: I died for 10 minutes during surgery for degenerative spine

Toyin Lawani, the Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, says she “literally died for 10 minutes” during her battle with a brain cyst and a degenerative spine.

In October, Lawani revealed she was diagnosed with “rise posterolateral disc protrusion”.

The entrepreneur also disclosed that she underwent surgery for “an implant of the C5 &C6 on the spine.

Speaking about her healing process in an Instagram post on Friday, Lawani said she was dead for 10 minutes” after her lungs collapsed during surgery.

She said she has undergone multiple surgeries so I can breathe well.

I legitimately died for a whole 10mins. While I was pregnant with My daughter @kingtinukeleora ,
I started having serious, Neck/back/leg pains, And it got to a time I would get paralysed on the left side of my body and won’t be able to move at all, I was on pain killers injections all through, she said.

But I captured it all, to share hope to people out there who wake up and smile, Regardless of what they may be facing privately,

I’m still fighting daily for my life, but I decided to come back standing tall, Guys I died for a whole 10 minutes before they were able to bring me back, My lungs collapsed.

I developed edema and from fixing artificial implants in my spine to be able to walk properly again,
Went to developing complications that got me on a tracheostomy tube for 3months. I have had 3 surgeries so far and two more to go so I can breathe well by myself and speak well again.


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