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Video: Church founder rains curses on pastors who left his church with members

A video has surfaced on social media of a church founder who rained curses on his pastors who left his church with some members of the congregation.

In the video, the unnamed church overseer, suspected to be a Ghanaian due to his intonation, in anger, poured out curses on those pastors who left.“Pastors who left this ministry and left with members of this ministry, which they do not account for as individuals, that the ministry accounts for, Lord, let their wives be barren.

Let all fruitfulness be cast from them.“I curse their generations, I curse the generation before them and after them, let there be chaos in their families, let your pestilence fall upon them from this day.“Let there be sickness from the root of their families, to the generations that are not born, epileptic, hepatitis, HIV, madness, let it fall upon them,” he prayed bitterly.Watch video here:

The video has generated sharp criticism from critic, Daddy Freeze, who posted it on his Instagram page on Monday.

“Because some pastors left his congregation with some of his members, this clown is cursing them and their families.

“These are the idiots that turned Christianity into a meal ticket. Business is bad so he is angry he lost customers, even pagans don’t curse like this,” Daddy Freeze said.

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