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Walker, Texas Ranger star Clarence Gilyard Jr. dies

We have probably all heard about the legendary western action series ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ (1993-2001). Unfortunately for all of us, this Tuesday, November 29th, comes the tragic news that actor Clarence Gilyard Jr, who played James Trivette in the TV show, has passed away at the age of 66.

The American actor became Chuck Norris‘ right-hand man during the almost two hundred episodes and was a fundamental part of the series’ success. The popular show created by Paul Haggis was on the air for almost nine years and from start to finish and even many years later it remains a true mass phenomenon.

Clarence Gilyard Jr.’s other roles

Although the role he played in ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ brought him fame, Clarence Gilyard Jr. has also been part of famous films such as ‘Top Gun’ (1986), ‘Karate Kid II’ (1986) or ‘Die Hard’ (1988). Therefore, his death is mourned today by all fans, not only of the famous actor himself, but also of cinema in general.

Finally, after being one of the most illustrious faces in the Hollywood film industry for more than two decades, he chose to devote himself to a profession related to his other great passion: writing. So, after retiring from the big screen, the writer Gilyard went on to earn a living as a professor at the University of Nevada (United States).

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