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Young Jonn: Why I can’t be with one woman

Young Jonn, the music producer and singer, has revealed why he does not believe in monogamy.

Monogamy simply means having one partner and being exclusively intimate with the person.

Jonn, in a recent interview with Toke Makinwa, the media personality, said he does not want to be tied down to one woman because he values his freedom.

He also challenged the stereotype that musicians are more promiscuous than people from other backgrounds.

He added that his preference for polygamy comes from questioning the traditional concept of “one man and one woman” in relationships since he was young.

I do not want to be limited to just one woman. I am just free,” he said

Contrary to the popular belief that musicians and entertainers are promiscuous, everybody is engaging in these things. They are simply not as visible about it. Musicians, however, have their lives on display, so everyone sees what they do.

My polygamous nature is not because of the industry I am in. Ever since I was a young boy, I used to question everything. I would ask why it has to be one man, one woman. Since then, I have always wanted to explore different routes. I do not want to say fantasies.”

In March, Young Jonn rebranded as an artiste and signed a deal with the record label Chocolate City.

Last year, he disclosed that he delved into music due to his previous desire to become a musician.

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