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BBNaija: White Money reacts as Tega likens ‘annoyingly loud’ Phyna to him

White Money, the BBNaija season six winner, has tackled Tega, his colleague on the reality show, for likening Phyna to him.


Phyna is one of the BBNaija season seven housemates.

The drama started on Wednesday when Tega said Phyna, who she described as “annoyingly loud,” reminds her of White Money.

Tega said during her stint on the show, White Money bored her with his “who dey…” slang.

“This is my perspective of Phyna, I think she is a very sweet girl but like you said that whole shouting thing, I would ask for voluntary exit. Phyna is annoyingly loud and that blurs my perspective of her,” she said during a podcast.

“There was a time I was looking at her and I said this girl is actually fine but then again she comes up with that ‘who dey who dey’ you know I was already bored from my season of ‘who dey’ and then it’s now here again.”

During last year’s BBNaija, White Money was known for his “who dey breathe” slang.

Reacting to Tega’s comment in a cryptic Twitter post, White Money urged Phyna not to stop being loud if such would help her win the show.

“If being loud would get to where you are going to, be the loudest. Let no one hold you back or try to shape your life to suit theirs,” he wrote.

In another post, the musician taunted Tega, saying he was not aware his slang got her annoyed during their time on BBNaija.

“So ‘who dey’ bin dey pain dem that year,” he added.

But in an Instagram live session, Tega hit back at White Money and dared him to mention her name.

“White Money, tag me, call people out with your full chest… Your ‘who dey’ no dey pain me. Just small talk, someone is having relevance, so you can’t even comprehend…. it’s fine,” she said.

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