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The kidnapping of Kano traders not on Kaduna-Abuja Road


The Kaduna State Government on Thursday issued a clarification on reports alleging that an unspecified number of traders from Kano State were kidnapped on the Kaduna-Abuja Road.

Samuel Aruwan Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State, stated that federal security agencies operating on the Kaduna-Abuja Road have not reported any such incident.

Aruwan added that all checks conducted so far by the Kaduna State Government revealed that the alleged kidnapping occurred elsewhere in another state.

He added that the Kaduna State Government remains the most credible source of security updates to the citizenry, media and will continue in this role to promote accountability and transparency.

Aruwan, however, urged citizens to continue providing information for security collaboration on the following helplines: 09034000060, 08170189999 and email: [email protected]


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