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Korede Bello: How I handle pressure from fans to put out music

Korede Bello, the Nigerian singer, has revealed how he handles pressure from fans to put out new songs.

The ‘Available’ crooner spoke about his relationship with his fans during a recent Twitter space.

The singer said although he understands that the pressure stems from the need to put out new music for the fans who “genuinely connect with me”.

Daniel added that sometimes, there is the need to take a break and “prioritise my health”.

The songwriter said it would be difficult for him to put out good music if he’s not in the right state of mind.

“Honestly I do feel pressure to put out music because at the end of the day it’s like you have people who are genuinely fans of you, who genuinely connect with your music and they actually need you to put out something,” he said.


“So I always feel like oh my God, these people need me to put out something for them. But unfortunately some times you have to prioritise your own health.

“For instance going on with the announcements and other stuff but you need to put on your own gas max first. It’s like trying to help somebody else but you can’t help them if you can help yourself.

“So sometimes it could be that I’m prioritising my health in the moment or my sanity and I can’t just give what I don’t have. Not necessarily because there’s no music to put out.

“It’s just because I’m not in a state where I can deal with the attention. And sometimes it’s just so much more that goes into putting out music these days if you’ve tasted the big league of music if you get what I mean.”



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