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Melania Trump’s CoS resigns abruptly


Stephanie Grisham , chief of staff to US First Lady, Melania Trump, has quit the job abruptly.

Reports by NBC said she resigned amid the violence in Washington, D.C. Wednesday.

Grisham was expected to remain for the final few weeks in her position, but things appeared to change amid the violence. reported that Grisham hasn’t given a statement for why her resignation came at this time.

President Donald Trump’s behaviour egging on the violence has caused a lot of discussion among Trump loyalists that the president has gone too far and they “no longer believe they can serve him.”

It was also learnt that Trump’s behaviour may also have made some Congressmen to change their minds about challenging Biden’s certification,

The congressmen were debating the electoral college votes for Arizona, when Trump thugs stormed the Capitol Hill.

They violated the two chambers and turned upside down the office of Speaker Pelosi.


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