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Netflix cancels Will Smith movie, because of Chris Rock slapping?

Will the bad news ever stop for Will Smith? It seems that at least not for now, as it has been revealed that a planned movie from the famous actor has been canceled by Netflix.

After the remembered slap that Smith, winner of the Best Actor Oscar for his role in King Richard, gave Chris Rock for a joke the comedian made about his wife Jada Pinkett and a series of reports about problems between the couple, now that action at the Academy Awards would have consequences on the actor’s work.

Bright 2 will not see the light on Netflix

Bright, a 2017 action film starring Smith about goblins and orcs fighting the Los Angeles Police Department, was a hit for Netflix at the time, though as the weeks went by it stopped making an impact on the platform and received poor reviews.

Although a sequel was apparently being planned, Bright 2 will not happen after it has been canceled for good, as Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw reports.

However, the same report indicates that this decision has nothing to do with Smith’s slapping of Rock at the last Oscars, although that’s not the only production the actor of films like Bad Boys and Independence Day is working on that has been delayed.

Other Will Smith movies that have been delayed

Nat Geo has delayed production on a new non-fiction show, Pole to Pole, the latest in a series of shows in which Smith travels the world, but that will have to wait to come out.


Still, other Netflix projects Smith is on that have been held up include Fast and Loose, an action film, and the crime biopic The Council, a new installment in the Bad Boys franchise.

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