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Reps hold minute’s silence for Mohbad, move to protect his music rights

The house of representatives has called upon the Nigeria Copyright Commission (NCC) to protect the rights of the songs and lyrics of the late singer Mohbad.

Mohbad died on September 12 and was buried the next day.

The circumstance surrounding his death has continued to stir up controversies on social media. There has also been a series of protests among youths nationwide.

According to NAN, on Tuesday, the house of representatives adopted a motion by Babajimi Benson, a representative of the Ikorodu federal constituency, calling for transparency in the investigation of Mohbad’s death.

Benson said Mohbad’s case was not an isolated one, and that many young artistes in Nigeria find themselves ensnared in unfavorable contractual agreements with record labels.

He said that this limits their creative freedom and financial growth, and can lead to disputes and violence.

During the plenary session, Benson also said the Nigerian music industry lacks substantial institutional funding, which pushes many artistes into unscrupulous contracts with record labels.

He added that addressing this issue is vital for the industry’s growth and sustainability.

The house of representatives observed a minute of silence in honour of Mohbad and called for monitoring of the ongoing investigation into the singer’s death, particularly the allegations of harassment and unpaid royalties.

The house also urged the NCC to develop and implement industry-wide guidelines to ensure fair treatment, transparent contractual agreements, and proper compensation for artistes.

The lawmakers called for a review of existing copyright and contract laws in Nigeria and identifying gaps or areas in need of reform.

The Lagos police inaugurated a 13-man special investigation team to probe Mohbad’s death on September 18.

On September 21, the police exhumed Mohbad’s corpse for autopsy and are awaiting the results.

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