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Sharon Stone tearfully reveals she lost half her money in Silicon Valley Bank collapse

Sharon Stone, the iconic actress known for her role in “Basic Instinct,” recently made a heartfelt speech at the Women’s Cancer Research Fund’s (WCRF) fundraiser. While accepting the Courage Award, she shared that she had lost half of her fortune in what she referred to as the “banking thing” that occurred recently, presumably referring to the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank.

“I know that thing that you have to get on and figure out how to text the money is difficult. I’m a technical idiot, but I can write a f-king check,” she said, emphasizing the importance of taking action even if it’s not easy.

Stone’s emotional speech followed the SVB collapse and stock market volatility. Although the actress did not provide any further details, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation shut down SVB after it reported taking a $1.8 billion hit from a $21 billion fire sale of its bond holdings.

Despite the loss of her money and the recent death of her brother, Stone encouraged others to stand up and value their lives: “This is not an easy time for any of us,” she shared. “This is a hard time in the world, but I’m telling you what, I’m not having some politician tell me what I can and cannot do.”

Stone was awarded at the WCRF fundraiser

Stone‘s speech was made at the Women’s Cancer Research Fund’s Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala in Beverly Hills. Rebel Wilson, Nia Vardalos, Rachel Zoe, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, Julianne Hough and Chord Overstreet were among those who attended.

Stone herself underwent surgery in 2001 to remove benign tumors that were larger than her breast alone. She also spoke about receiving a misdiagnosis in November, which turned out to be a “large fibroid tumor” that required surgery.

Despite her struggles, Stone continues to inspire others to have courage and stand up for what they believe in, even when the going gets tough. As she said, “Stand up and say what you’re worth. I dare you. That’s what courage is.”

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